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2017 - China




In China, St Valentine’s day is one of the most important and romantic day for lovers to celebrate and to show off their great love. However, it’s always the same ritual every year for most people to prepare for.

This year, Cartier rides on this strong momentum of love and opportunity to launch its limited new LOVE bracelet online, which has always been a symbol of love for people. Our mission is to let people experience an unforgettable valentine’s day ever with an exclusive, luxurious brand service from Cartier.



We leveraged the image of Cartier’s Bellboy who is one of a representative of brand ultimate luxurious service. This time, he also played the role of cupid to deliver love messages with ordered new love bracelet and a rose bouquet for lovers to make their dreams come true.

To launch this campaign, we released one bellboy delivery digital film to create awareness of bellboy at the first place and cooperated with celebrity Ma Sichun to warm-up and create buzz on social media two days before campaign launch. Meanwhile, we also created the topic “#Only for your lover# (只为你锁爱)” on Weibo to further stimulates the discussion.

On Feb 6, 88 limited love bracelets were available to order on WeChat base e-Commerce, a click away from purchase and online exclusive bellboy army delivery attracted high transaction. Through multiple media exposure, official social platform, Moment ad, Search ad, KOL modeling, Celebrity co-op: Lu Han which lead huge traffic to WeChat boutique during launch. This exclusive O2O experience has become a social media sensation before St. Valentine’s day.



It was a huge success with stunning effectiveness for this campaign to quickly win consumers’ attention and convert online purchase during St Valentine’s day.

1,600,000+ video view within 10 days. Achieving 100,000+ new fans increased on social media. Most importantly, we hit our campaign target of 88 limited love bracelets with bellboy delivery service selling out in just 72 hours. Other 62 pieces sold out within one week of their debut on WeBoutique.


Agency: Publicis Nurun Shanghai

Creative Director: Sylvie Kinn

Art Director: Sylvie Kinn

Graphic Designer: Dongni Wang

Copywriter: Gourfaust Liu

Business Director: September Guo

Business Lead: Julie Marchesseault

Senior Account Manager: Sandrine Jin

Production: TerryJin Production

Director: YiQing Li

Photographer: Primol, Harry


• Creative idea 

• Chinese line and Hashtag

• Teaser 6s

• Film 15s

• Wechat & Weibo social posts

• Moment Ad

• WeBoutique design

• PR photos

• Banners design




Content Lab


 Luxion Media

Financial Times

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