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2016 - CHINA

For the official launch of Cartier Juste un Clou in China we created a Digital and Social Campaign "NAIL DOWN YOURSELF"



The campaign video reaches 150 millions views within 36 hours.

Skyrocketing page views, retweets, and the trending topics #Nail Down Yourself With LuHan# generated 560 millions views in 2 weeks, 1.02 million comments and triggered creative responses from fans.

The Juste un Clou campaign greatly succeed winning brand love and exceed expectations.

Sales has grown over 100% and Juste un Clou has become the icon to own.



Agency: Publicis Nurun Shanghai

Creative Director: Sylvie Kinn

Art Directors: Sylvie Kinn, Coco, Nicolas Liberman

CopyWriter: Ida Yang

Creative Intern: Guyot-Donahue

Chief Executive Officer: Julie Marchesseault

Business Director: September Guo

Production: TerryJin Production

Director: Lisa Paclet

DOP: Alex Lamarque

Talent: Lu Han
Music: Battles The Yabba

Photographer: LiQi


Juste un Clou, born amidst the creative frenzy of 70s New York, is a classic symbol of the longing and desire for boundless freedom and vitality. Created by the hand of Cartier’s genius creative designer Aldo Cipullo with the inspiration source of ordinary hardware, Juste un Clou brings back values around the idea of “non-conformism” and “fearless creativity”.  Over the 40 years, Juste un Clou keeps setting off the trend of its times, and representing the cutting edge spirit from each generation. 



Determined, energetic and powerful Lu Han, one of the most popular representations of Chinese new generation, has been chosen to embody the independent and rebellious spirit of Juste un Clou and pay tribute to each and every one of the pioneers who are unique, bold and assertive in his era. 



In the 45 second-spot Film, the street scenes of modern city mirage into a magnificent spotlight-lit stage. Without a single line. Juste un clou becomes Zeitgeist (the spirit of time). Such art piece natural fits with Lu Han, who is young, energetic, and swings his body, and immerse in free-spirited world of Juste un Clou. No matter who is the film's protagonist, along with Juste un Clou, everyone, unique, assertive or edge, shall look at everything without fear, and be self-confident. 



• Main concept

• Chinese line and Hashtag

• Teaser 6s

• Film 45s (story board, moodboard, wardrobe, music..)

• Director and Celebrity interviews 60s 

• Behind-The-Scene video 60s

• Wechat & Weibo social posts

• H5 "360 backstage"

• PR photos

• Banners design

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